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Who Works With Us

What do NBC, CNN, PBS, BBC, MTV, Discovery, ITV, FedEx, Microsoft etc have in common? They all chose to work with Yadu Productions in India and around the World! 

Seamless experience

When you work with Yadu, every minute detail is taken care of. Filming in India is a wonderful experience but also challenging. We understand India better than anyone else and we know how to give you the best possible experience. 


Yadu Productions recently worked with CNN for The Hunt with John Walsh and directed and produced the India part of the filming for an episode of the upcoming season of the series. Executive Producer Uday Sripathi of Yadu Productions also directed and produced a film for FedEx which was shot in NYC. 

Yadu Productions was also the in-country producer during US President Barack Obama's visits to Asia in 2010 and most recently in 2015. Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown for CNN, Half The Sky with Nick Kristof for PBS, Dateline NBC investigations, BBC's MasterChef etc are some of the many projects that we have worked on. 





Deputy Director, International - NBC News

Uday Sripathi is an India based journalist on whom we rely for his national expertise. He has worked with us on both small projects as well as major events, including coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks. We appreciate and value the efforts of Mr.Sripathi and hold him in the highest regard. 


Producer - LEFT/RIGHT Productions

Dear Uday, We did it! And we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, thank you for your absolute dedication to this MTV project, and to doing everything in your power to facilitate this project, make our crew as comfortable as possible - and jumping through the hoops of permitting and bureaucracy. 


Vice President - Lucky Duck Productions Inc

Uday is an excellent fixer and helped save a documentary that was headed for trouble. Although we had endeavored to do a great deal of set up before our arrival, much of what was set up fell through or was inappropriate for our needs when we reached India. At this point and at my request, Uday took over much of the work in starting the setup almost anew, while we were filming every day!